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Reira kidnapped sketch by Reimon-Master-II
Reira kidnapped sketch
Hello everyone!

I wanted to show the picture that going to work tomorrow, a picture of my dear Reira is also a picture where I wanted to experiment a bit with a different angle, not perfect, but I think the picture is not so bad, what do you think?
Kitty hogtied by Reimon-Master-II
Kitty hogtied
And another drawing done!

This is a new picture of my cute cat kitten, Kitty, although in this drawing, Kitty is a little older (but not much), hehehe!

To make this picture, I was inspired by a video I saw long ago. Color this drawing was not easy, try to refine the blacks is not easy, but I did my best. I decided to paint this picture with the computer, because the truth is that trying Kitty coloring requires a lot of black colored XD
Lina and Elina by Reimon-Master-II
Lina and Elina

This is a drawing of Elina and her older sister, Lina.

Lina came home from work when she entered her apartment, Lina was horrified to find her younger sister on the floor, bound and gagged, Elina tries to warn her older sister, who the attacker is still at home, but Lina does not understand what her younger sister wants to tell. When Lina tries to approach her sister to help her, a hooded man appears and catches, Lina, behind.

After a brief struggle, Lina is also submitted, bound and gagged, Lina lying on the ground next to her sister. Lina and Elina are powerless to that hooded man rummaging through her things, the hooded man hacks into the computer of Lina, while also destroys many important documents that were part of an investigation that Lina was developed for the newspaper where she works and she is a reporter. After destroying all the evidence, the hooded man left the apartment, leaving the two sisters, bound and gagged on the floor.

Lina and Elina, moan and shake for hours, waiting for someone to show up to help. The boyfriend of Lina who helps the two girls to free, unfortunately, Lina lost all the material she had collected.

What do you think this short story?

This is another drawing that was waiting to be colored, hope you like it ^^

I welcome your comments and remember, commissions are still open! help the artist! (especially me!) XDDD
Elina kidnapped by Reimon-Master-II
Elina kidnapped
A new drawing!

As I said long ago, someday, would color this drawing and that day is today! What do you think?

Elina decides to go it alone in a very dangerous neighborhood to get a good story for the school newspaper (of which she is the director), but when things get ugly, Elina try to ask for help, calling from a pay phone to her boyfriend but, before Elina, her boyfriend could tell where she is, Elina is trapped by two masked guys.

Elina will get out of this problem? I do not know, I have no plans to continue with the plot, hahahaha!

Thank you very much and I hope your comments!
Keiko party full color! by Reimon-Master-II
Keiko party full color!
This is the same drawing yesterday, only colored with photoshop!

I did my best to do a great job, hope you like it ^^
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say hello and give them a story, then, after much pleading, suffering and an interminable wait, finally I have my own scanner! YAY! Applause please, thank you, thank you ...

With all the scandal of the New Year holidays, I could not announce this before, but since a few weeks ago, the great Reimon-master, finally has its own scanner! I must say I am very happy, because, with my scanner at home, I can move on with my own personal projects, in addition, the scanner will be a great tool for my work, now my dear customers will not have to wait too long to have his drawings, which is great!

I really hope to move forward with all my personal projects, such as I would love to continue the comic "maid for the club" and many other projects! This year will be a year where they will try to focus 100% on my work. I also wanted to say that as I did last year, the commission will continue to open all the year 2015 so do not hesitate to send your messages to request their drawings.

I really thank God for all the good things that happened last year and God willing things go much better this new year.

Thank you very much and keep drawing!

FURRY BONDAGE (specialty)

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 11.00 -. ($ 4.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 16.00 -. ($ 6.00 -. Per Extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing) (this price includes both styles of drawing, furry and non-furry)

BONDAGE VARIED (here include characters that are not furry, characters such as: Lilo, Gwen Tennyson and Penny Proud)

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 13.00 -. ($ 4.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)


Sketches itself (defined) ----> $ 6.00.- ($ 3.00.- extra for each character in the drawing, maximum three characters in each drawing)

Ok. these are the new prices.

Clearly there is a sharp increase in prices, but I think they are very comfortable and affordable. I followed each of the recommendations that you all have given me and I put the prices that you yourselves have suggested, so I hope to God that everyone agrees with the new prices.

Thank you very much and to draw and to sell!


El Salvador

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¡OH! Él es Reimon, mi personaje principal, podrás encontrar muchos dibujos de él por mi galería. O quizás no son muchos, pero, hay más de alguno por ahí (yo solo me concentro en las chicas *w*). 

¿Qué tienes pensado hacer con mi personaje? 
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