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it's your fault! not yours! by Reimon-Master-II
it's your fault! not yours!
and now, a very sympathetic picture of two very sympathetic and charismatic characters.

Lucia: this is all your fault!

Cindy: of course it's not my fault! all your fault!

Lucia: I tell you not to come into that room and now we are prisoners!

Cindy: It was not my fault! it is not! it is not!

Lucia: why do not gagged! you are so outrageous!

Cindy: the shocking you! Silly! Silly! Silly!

Lucia: You're silly! Silly! Silly!

and continued that way for long.

hope you like it, baby!

commission for :iconmangafox156:


Lucia ---->…

Cindy ---->…
The Misadventures of Lopunny (commission 2) by Reimon-Master-II
The Misadventures of Lopunny (commission 2)
once Lopunny is completely immobilized by her captors, it's time for the fun to Lucario, who begins to apply a very cute pokemon special treatment.

Lopunny starts moaning endlessly after feeling the language of her captor in her intimate part.

Lucario: oh yeah! You are all mine, Lopunny!

Lopunny: HMMMM !!! HMMMM !!!

and so ends the sad story of Lopunny, who would never again be pure.

the end ...

a short story, but very sensual * w *

I hope you liked it!

commission for :icongamerdelta:


if you all want to see the uncensored version of this drawing, please speak to Gamerdelta.
Lulu the little mouse (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Lulu the little mouse (commission)
And it is the turn of a cute little mouse.

She is Lulu, a cute little mouse that was booked for clever, but now Lulu will be punished for wanting to steal my cheese sandwich * w * hahaha!

commission for  :iconsecretalt64:

Design ---->…
The Misadventures of Mega Lopunny by Reimon-Master-II
The Misadventures of Mega Lopunny
There was once a cute Mega Lopunny, which was very nice and friendly with everyone and all the pokemons males were in love with her, but Lopunny was a difficult girl to conquer.

One day, a Lucario and one Machamp, decided it was time to give a lesson to the presumed of Lopunny, so one day when Lopunny returning home after making their purchases, Lucario and Machamp were waiting for her.

Lopunny is subjected by her captors, when she wakes, Lopunny realizes she is tied to a chair, Lopunny tries to scream for help, but suddenly, a huge hand grabs her by her cheeks and another hand puts something in her mouth . Hmmm !! HMMM - Lopunny moans while watching in fear of her captor, meanwhile, Lucario put something on her nipples.

this story continue ...

a simple story to accompany this drawing so cool ^^

commission for :icongamerdelta: 
Isabelle from animal crossing (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Isabelle from animal crossing (commission)

Another drawing with a new character! it seems that this little dog is a character in a video game, her name is Isabelle.

This is the original design ---->…

commission for :iconchloromaster:
That first day so heavy today had elections in my country and also had to babysit for my nephew, but I love my nephew, so this tiredness was worth it.

Well, as usual for me, I'm updating my journal to return to thank all those who have supported me over the past month, realmete appreciate quite all the support you all give me every month, thank you very much and I will continue improving not to disappoint!

Also, as I always do, commissions will be open throughout the month of March! yes sir, commissions remain open durente entire month of March! Reimon-Master still working hard to improve their designs and always give the best to my dear customers! so take heart! ask your drawings now!

thank you very much and move on!


FURRY BONDAGE (specialty)

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 11.00 -. ($ 4.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 16.00 -. ($ 6.00 -. Per Extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing) (this price includes both styles of drawing, furry and non-furry)

BONDAGE VARIED (here include characters that are not furry, characters such as: Lilo, Gwen Tennyson and Penny Proud)

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 13.00 -. ($ 4.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)


Sketches itself (defined) ----> $ 6.00.- ($ 3.00.- extra for each character in the drawing, maximum three characters in each drawing)

Ok. these are the new prices.

Clearly there is a sharp increase in prices, but I think they are very comfortable and affordable. I followed each of the recommendations that you all have given me and I put the prices that you yourselves have suggested, so I hope to God that everyone agrees with the new prices.

Thank you very much and to draw and to sell!


El Salvador

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Desde luego que sí ^^ compartir afición es genial, pero es aún mejor cuando también compartes idioma.
d0cente Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Just saying ...:) it as been so long that i don't see an artist doing fine bondage/DID art with Lisa (and friends) like you. The wait was truly worth :D Kudos!
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