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Amanda and Nimbat Figit (mini comic commission)
ok, to start the day, here is a picture of two completely unknown characters to me.

winged creature is Nimbat Figit --->…
and the girl is Amanda --->…

Nimbat Figit seems to be a very popular character, but for the moment I do not know who it is, while the girl, Amanda, I did not find much information about it.

anyway, someone asked me to do a drawing of these two, I hope you like the drawing ^^

commission for :iconjac600:

thank you very much!

note: I know we all hate censorship, but it is reminding you care if I go uncensored drawing in less than a day drawing will be removed from my gallery, so I hope everyone's understanding.
Elegant girl mummified (mini comic commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Elegant girl mummified (mini comic commission)
and the menu for tonight, a girl pony mummified!

this girl should not get into that strange place, now she spent the rest of her days trapped in that damn sarcophagus! MUAHAHAHAHA!

girl pony: NNNNNNNNNN !!!!


I hope you enjoy the mini comic ^^

commission for :iconponyguy67:

thank you very much!
Sirocco (commission)
In the previous episode, Ash and Tori were suddenly surprised by a living bandages.

The two girls shark, now lie immobilized on the floor of the room. Ash while doing everything possible to break free of her bonds a perverse aura surrounds the room and a beautiful woman named Sirocco, appears floating in front of Ash and Tori.

using her magic, Sirocco bandages launches an attack against the two girls. Ash and Tori scream and try to escape, but is useless.

continue ...

Well, I hope you liked the drawing. I really feel very satisfied with the end result of this drawing, I think it has been great!

thank you very much and I hope your comments!

ps: sorry if I have not answered comments lately, but I've been busy and I always end up very tired after work, I hope you understand, but with all my heart, I appreciate all your comments!

to continue drawing!

commission for :iconcrosis278:

Sirocco --->…
Failed rescue attempt (commission)
third and final part of a series of three pictures!

Previous in the episode, Ash and Tori discover who is behind the attack, it is Sirocco, who seems not very interested in Ash, but she definitely has a great interest in Tori.

Ash, as the tough girl who is trying to save her friend from the clutches of that witch, but at Sirocco will not at all difficult to dominate the shark girl.

When play has begun!

commission for :iconcrosis278:

thank you very much ^^
Converted into doll (commission)
although perhaps not enough, this drawing was very difficult to do, but as always, the great Reimon-master has done it! hahaha! It was still hard ... "uff"

This is a drawing over Komeiji Koishi. character, which I got a picture previously.

I've never drawn a doll, but I think is not to be my first time ^^

in small boxes can be appreciated, the process of transforming a human doll, finally a totally Koishi Komeiji converted into a doll.

I hope you like it ^^

commission for :iconarcearth:
Hello everyone!

Today I am very happy! thanks to the support provided by you, I could reach the goal and I could raise enough money to help my dad! yay!

many, many, thank you very much! I really thank you very much to everyone for supporting me throughout this week! thank you very much!

Well, now everything is back to normal, but the work never ends for the great Reimon-Master! No sir, this is not over. I have still many pending orders that I deliver, but do not worry, that does not in the least that I can continue taking orders!

Commissions will remain open throughout the month, every day, 24 hours! so do not hesitate to send your notes with your orders!

As I have said many times, my work helps to maintain my family and this is why I can not stop working!

thank you very much again! and I'll be waiting for your orders!


FURRY BONDAGE (specialty)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 11.00 -. ($ 5.00 -. Per Extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing) (this price includes both styles of drawing, furry and non-furry)

examples ----> Flora (commission) by Reimon-Master-II

BONDAGE VARIED (here include characters that are not furry, characters such as: Lilo, Gwen Tennyson and Penny Proud)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 13.00 -. ($ 5.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)

examples ----> 

Mature Content

Adil revenge by Reimon-Master-II


Sketches itself (defined) ----> $ 6.00.- ($ 3.00.- extra for each character in the drawing, maximum three characters in each drawing)

examples ----> 

Mature Content

Adil revenge (Sketch) by Reimon-Master-II



$ 5.00.- per box


two boxes $ 10.00.- ------------> The Misadventures of Lisa Simpsons (Part 2) by Reimon-Master-II

three boxes $ 15.00.- ------------> Gwen and Penny by Reimon-Master-II

four boxes $ 20.00.- ----------> The Misadventures of Lisa Simpsons by Reimon-Master-II  

Mature Content

Lisa gagged by Reimon-Master-II



1 - only drawings of girls. (girls can be, furry girls, anime girls or girls of any cartoon).

2 - only original drawings of your own creation, if in case you borrow the character of another person, I want the person, owner and creator of this character, contacting me and tell me personally that he or she agrees that I draw your character in a bondage scene. (truth and trust is a very important factor in this business, and I do not want problems)

3 - all the drawings (commissions) will be published in my gallery, without exception. All I can do is keep anonymous customer name. (in special cases, I can do private commissions).

4 - no explicit content, in a nutshell: no penetrations and explicit scenes. But as I do not want you to think I'm boring myself think when ignore this rule XD

5 - only accept money for my drawings, and I do not do requests, only commissions.

6 - I will not accept orders from any member that does not have at least six months in DA.

7 - persons seeking commissions should be aware of my posts, if these people do not respond within 24 hours, your orders will be canceled. (this rule only apply to new customers)

9- think this is all for now. Later I'll think of more rules.


El Salvador

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