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Lisa gagged by Reimon-Master-II
Lisa gagged
another drawing by Lisa Simpson ^^

this time the abductor did not know that gag use, so I decided to draw several hahaha!

one minicomic for a change.

thank you very much and I hope you like the drawing ^^
The Trap (the end) by Reimon-Master-II
The Trap (the end)

The trap 28


* Meanwhile, Keiko and Cocoa are carried in a truck, two bunnies were tied up, gagged and blindfolded her, both as Cocoa Keiko were very afraid, because they know where the lead *


* After a long journey, the two girls are taken out of the truck and are taken to a small cabin in the woods, inside, Keiko and Cocoa are cuffed shackles hanging from the ceiling, the two girls are left bound and gagged inside cottage, hooded approach the truck and van *


* Keiko and Cocoa, moan and wiggle, an eagerness to try to break free of her bonds, the two girls were blindfolded her and were very afraid, suddenly, someone else enters the cabin, Keiko and Cocoa are paralyzed with fear, So they could not see who it was *


* the mysterious character approaches the two girls and removes the blindfold, allowing Keiko and Cocoa to see. It was a man with green outfit *


Tyche: hello ladies! I hope not having made them wait too long.


Keiko / Cocoa: HLLPP! PLSS! HLLP! * ask for help to strange boy, thinking he will save *


Tyche: wow! those guys were not exaggerating ... you two are very sexy! "slap" * spanking the two girls *


Keiko / Cocoa: HMMMM !!!!


Tyche: I introduce myself ... my name is Tyche and I am your new master.


Keiko: NNNN !!! Plsss!


Tyche: oh yeah! It was worth every penny, you and I are going to have so much fun! hahahahaha!


Cocoa: NNNN !!! LTM-GGG !!! PLSS !!!


Keiko: HMMM !!!


Tyche: and I'll start with you, pink bunny, you and I, now in bed!


Keiko: NNNNN !!!! Plsss!


* You can see the cabin and you can hear the gripos and groans of the two girls. Keiko and Cocoa never returned home, because, from that time, including two just waiting for them a life of slavery and humiliation *


the end ...

Commission to :iconkairoshi: 

The Trap 27 by Reimon-Master-II
The Trap 27

The trap 27

because all asked! here is the continuation of the story, "the trap"

after spending several weeks kidnapped, Keiko, Cocoa and Lucy begin to lose the hope. The three girls were locked in a room, the three were naked, dirty and tired, suddenly, one of the masked men opened the door of the room, blinding the three girls, who had been a long time without seeing the light.

 Hooded: hmphp!

 Cocoa: no, please ... * sits there in the corner *

 Keiko: please leave us alone! please ...


Hooded: hehehe! quiet, bunnies, today will not play with you. It seems today a lucky day for you and your sister, because soon you two going to get out of here.


Keiko: Why do you say? Are you serious?

 Hooded: Exact! a buyer came and offered a large sum of money for you two. * Smiles * Very soon you and your sister conoceran to her new owner!


* Two masked men enter the room to grab Keiko and Cococa, the two bunnies were very frightened and struggled *


Keiko: no, please! Cocoa! Cocoa! let go of my sister!

Cocoa: Keiko! help me! KYAAAH!


* The two bunnies they are removed from the room, amid shouts and cries, meanwhile, Lucy, who was very scared in a corner, watch her girlfriends are carried *


Lucy: and ... and ... what about me? I can go home? * Question in fear *


Hooded: oh! As I'm sorry, little rabbit cat, but it seems that nobody is interested in a phenomenon like you.

Lucy: ... then I go home? right? right? they will let me go if anyone is looking for me, right? 

Hooded: hahaha! do not think it's so easy, beautiful ... * grabs the girl by her ears * there is always someone who would like to spend a wonderful evening with a girl like you, HAHAHAHA!

Lucy: no! no, please! let me go!


* Lucy is brought to the lower area of ​​the mansion there, Lucy is bound and gagged, then, the poor girl is hanging down from the ceiling roof, on a very deep pit *


Lucy: HMMMM !! Hmmmmmmmm !!! * Struggles and shakes violently * 

Hooded: hahaha! Very soon you will meet your new roommate, small phenomenon!


* The hooded pull a lever and Lucy begins to descend the pit, poor girl struggles and cries, in an attempt to plead for mercy. When Lucy reaches the end of the pit, she hangs in the darkness, at that moment, something shiny seemed to approach her, Lucy fears and struggles to break free from her shackles try *




* Brilliant thing ever closer to the poor girl, when the thing was closer, Lucy can see what it was. He was a brilliant and viscous strange tentacled monster with one eye *


Lucy: NNNNNNNNN !!! Plsss !!! * Shakes it violently *


Mr. Tentacle: YAY! at last! a new toy to play with!


Lucy: NNNNN !!! Plsss! LTMGGG !!!


* The hooded hear the groans and cries of the girl coming out of the pit *


Hooded: hehehe! good luck, beautiful! hahaha ... HAHAHAHAHA! because you'll be there forever! HAHAHA!


* And so sealed the fate of Lucy, who never go out of the pit *


(End of the participation of Lucy in this story) (unless someone says otherwise)

Commission to :iconkairoshi: 

Lucy from :iconeccentricpone:

Lilo, Victoria and Angel by Reimon-Master-II
Lilo, Victoria and Angel

a new drawing of Lilo and her friend, this time, I have had to draw a new character, which I knew nothing, it is the bride of Stitch, Angel!

I did not follow much the series and have not seen all the movies, so I did not know Stitch, had a girlfriend. How lucky have some.

Anyway, I hope you like the drawing ^^

commission to :gamerdelta:
Splatoon girls 2 (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Splatoon girls 2 (commission)
And girls squid are back!

this is a new drawing of the squid girls, video game of Splatoon (I think it's called).

I still do not know much about this video game, but I'm learning to draw the characters in this game XD

anyway, I hope you like the drawing.

commission to :icongamerdelta:

note: the girl octopus is firing an inkjet her tentacles, this is a personal idea of mine, so it has nothing to do with the game.
It's a little late, but here we are, ready to move on!

Thank God we made it to the second month of 2015 and as usual for me, I want to again thank all those who supported me during this new year, thank you very much to those who see my drawings and comment, too many thank all those who support me with commissions, really all your help is very appreciated ^^

This 2015 I have thought of doing many things, those things, I want to keep improving the quality of my drawings, so that everyone can enjoy a better picture drawn of me, will not be an easy task, but fully trust that I can do it! I will do my best not to disappoint you, my beautiful public! haha!

Anyway, I hope I can continue to count on the support of all of you throughout the month of February, as always, the commissions are open throughout the month, so do not hesitate to ask your drawings!

Thank you very much and keep drawing!


FURRY BONDAGE (specialty)

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 11.00 -. ($ 4.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 16.00 -. ($ 6.00 -. Per Extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing) (this price includes both styles of drawing, furry and non-furry)

BONDAGE VARIED (here include characters that are not furry, characters such as: Lilo, Gwen Tennyson and Penny Proud)

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 13.00 -. ($ 4.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)


Sketches itself (defined) ----> $ 6.00.- ($ 3.00.- extra for each character in the drawing, maximum three characters in each drawing)

Ok. these are the new prices.

Clearly there is a sharp increase in prices, but I think they are very comfortable and affordable. I followed each of the recommendations that you all have given me and I put the prices that you yourselves have suggested, so I hope to God that everyone agrees with the new prices.

Thank you very much and to draw and to sell!


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