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Well gentlemen, we are beginning the fourth month of 2014, the month of April! Sun, beach, girls in bikinis and I, well, locked in the house with nothing to do, because I have no money to go to the beach ... I have not a girl.

Last month was quite intense and even though bad things happened, good things also happened, I made new friends and my nephew was born, thank God everything went well.

Anyway, this summer even as you pass me stuck at home (again), not discourage me, indeed, have to keep working and move forward. Thanks to support from all of you last month, I could reach my goal, but the work never ends and this month I have to go on, therefore, the committees are open to anyone who wants a drawing, I hope to have your support throughout this month.

Thank you very much and keep drawing!

The rules are simple.

1 - only drawings of girls. (girls can be, furry girls, anime girls or girls of any cartoon).

2 - only original drawings of your own creation, if in case you borrow the character of another person, I want the person, owner and creator of this character, contacting me and tell me personally that he or she agrees that I draw your character in a bondage scene. (truth and trust is a very important factor in this business, and I do not want problems)

3 - all the drawings (commissions) will be published in my gallery, without exception. All I can do is keep anonymous customer name. (in special cases, I can do private commissions).

4 - no explicit content, in a nutshell: no penetrations and explicit scenes. But as I do not want you to think I'm boring myself think when ignore this rule XD

5 - only accept money for my drawings, and I do not do requests, only commissions.

6 - buy!

7 - I can not think more rules u3u


Furry bondage

Handmade Drawing (color by hand) ----------> $ 6.00 -. ($ 3.00 -. For extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)

Digital drawing (color with photoshop) ----------> $ 11.00 -. ($ 6.00 -. Per extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)


Furry NOT bondage

hand drawing ----------> $ 10.00 -. ($ 5.00 -. additional for each extra character in a drawing) 

Digital drawing --------->  $ 20.00 - ($ 10.00 -. additional for each extra character in a drawing) 

(NEW! NEW!) 


a page with two boxes ----------> $ 11.00. - 

a page with three boxes ----------> $ 15.00. - 

a page with four boxes --------> $ 21.00. -

Note: I will draw mini comics by hand (hand drawing). The mini comics can be no bondage and bondage, depending on what you ask.

These are my prices, a bargain, take advantage!

Thank you very much ^ ^


El Salvador

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R the nxt "The Trap" pgs coming
Waiting for technical problems ^ ^
Hope they're fixed soon
Will the trap pgs come soon
Hey do you do points commissions at all?
sorry, bro, no poinys commissons, only money, sorry >.<
Ah okay, you got a price list at all?
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