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Ursula playing with her bunnies (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Ursula playing with her bunnies (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 56 0
Mrs. Ursula punishment (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Mrs. Ursula punishment (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 80 1
Kong girls! (Commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Kong girls! (Commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 90 3
Kirlia Girl #3 by Reimon-Master-II Kirlia Girl #3 :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 45 3 Kirlia Girl #2 by Reimon-Master-II Kirlia Girl #2 :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 29 0 Kirlia Girl #1 by Reimon-Master-II Kirlia Girl #1 :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 35 5 Mrs. Ursula and her bunnys (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Mrs. Ursula and her bunnys (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 73 1
Webra Walters (commission) by Reimon-Master-II Webra Walters (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 32 2 Guildmaster Captured (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Guildmaster Captured (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 69 12
The return (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
The return (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 97 10
Judy kidnapped #4 (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Judy kidnapped #4 (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 181 17
Judy kidnapped #3 (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Judy kidnapped #3 (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 204 17
Riola bound and gagged (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Riola bound and gagged (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 78 10
Judy kidnapped #2 (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Judy kidnapped #2 (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 132 3
Judy kidnapped #1 (commission) by Reimon-Master-II Judy kidnapped #1 (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 198 15 Pokemon I choose you! (commission) by Reimon-Master-II
Mature content
Pokemon I choose you! (commission) :iconreimon-master-ii:Reimon-Master-II 124 12


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Zombie Pit :icongronc:Gronc 288 38
Pokemon Dawn and Evil Dawn Color by AL-818
Mature content
Pokemon Dawn and Evil Dawn Color :iconal-818:AL-818 181 16
Viny kidnapped by DoktorK666
Mature content
Viny kidnapped :icondoktork666:DoktorK666 355 53
Heaven's Embrace Part 2 by Radasus
Mature content
Heaven's Embrace Part 2 :iconradasus:Radasus 113 2
Something Familiar by spiderweber Something Familiar :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 656 124 Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi Ep6 by kakumeiouzi
Mature content
Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi Ep6 :iconkakumeiouzi:kakumeiouzi 85 2
chibi huatay as bat by HuatayFoxy chibi huatay as bat :iconhuatayfoxy:HuatayFoxy 13 12 Made in Abyss Ep13 by kakumeiouzi
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Made in Abyss Ep13 :iconkakumeiouzi:kakumeiouzi 40 11
Lolita gagged by Movi-Viento
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Lolita gagged :iconmovi-viento:Movi-Viento 39 4
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Mature content
Commission: Nanaka x Miyuki :iconshiroouka:ShiroOuka 393 6
Mating night by soupcanz Mating night :iconsoupcanz:soupcanz 78 29



Ursula playing with her bunnies (commission)
Ursula is bored and wants to play, so she decides to go down to the basement, to see her bunnies and decide which of them wants to play.

Ursula: well, well, well ... how have you spent the night my dear princesses? * asks jokingly as he enters the basement and turns on the light *

When the place is lit up, Keiko and Cocoa can be seen, tied and hanging by their hands from the ceiling. Keiko and Cocoa moan and shake their naked bodies, shaking their sensual asses. Both girls have been locked in for hours, they were tired, hungry and thirsty.

Ursula: poor girls ... they seem to be having a very bad time, right? * she walks and stands in front of the two girls, looking at each one from head to foot * well, it seems that both have learned their lesson, so I am going to free one of you to spend the night with me.

Keiko and Cocoa, look at each other, then both girls start to make noise and shake their bodies, you can see how the breasts of both, bouncing gracefully, while they moved. At that moment, both sisters were begging to be the one chosen to be released.

Ursula: Keiko ... * she stares at Keiko *

Keiko, reacts and jumps of happiness, thinking that she was the chosen one.

Ursula: I'm so sorry, but, you'll have to stay here a little longer. * she says, as she approaches Keiko *

Keiko, on hearing that, cries and pleads to let her go, so she no longer wants to spend more time hanging. Ursula steps in front of Keiko and grabs her face in her hands.

Ursula: What's wrong? Do not you like my decision? I know perfectly well that you were the one that organized that little party to which you decided not to invite me, therefore, you have to suffer a little more! * she stared at Keiko and spoke in a threatening voice, then went to Cocoa, whom she looked at and spoke in another way * but you, Cocoa ... I know very well that you are an innocent girl and that you only did what your sister told you to do, right?

Cocoa was very scared. Cocoa looks at her sister, Keiko also looks at her, Keiko asks her sister not to betray her, but, Cocoa was very tired and no longer wanted to continue suffering. Cocoa then decides to betray her sister, saying yes to everything Ursula told her.

Ursula: well, well, well ... the truth has finally come! Do you see it? Cocoa is completely innocent ... * she smiles, then approaches Cocoa and caresses her ass * that's why you're my favorite girl, Cocoa ...

Keiko: HMMMMM !! HMMMMM !! * she gets very angry and cries, therefore, can not believe that Cocoa has betrayed her *

Ursula releases Cocoa from the hook, then ties Cocoa's hands behind her back, puts a strapped collar around her neck, and Ursula pulls Cocoa out of the basement, pulling her on the leash.

Ursula: Come on, my dear ... I'm going to give you a bath and then I'll give you something delicious to eat. And do not worry about your older sister, she will eventually leave. * she pulls the leash, as she leaves the basement with Cocoa *

Cocoa, very obedient and following the orders of Ursula, begins to walk and looks for the last time to Keiko, asking her pardon with the look. Keiko, on the other hand, cries and begs her younger sister not to leave her alone. But, Keiko is left alone in the dark.

This story will continue?

I hope you have loved it ^^
Mrs. Ursula punishment (commission)
In previous episodes, Keiko and Cocoa, had a bondage party at their mistress's house, making the grave mistake of not inviting Ursula. Now Ursulta is punishing her bunnies for not having invited her to the party.

Keiko: HMMMM! HMMMM! * she hung on her head, her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied together *

Cocoa: "sniff" HMMMMFFF! * she was also tied, next to her sister, hanging on her head *

* Suddenly, Ursula appears from the shadows, walking with a sensual wig and holding a board in her hand *

Ursula: well, well, well ... you do not know how sad I am for not having invited me to the party you did. Especially I'm disappointed in you, Keiko, well, I thought we were friends! * she approached Keiko and held her chin, causing Keiko to look into her eyes *

Keiko: NNNN! NNNN! PLSSS! * she begs, wagging her body and looking with fear at Ursula *

Ursula: I'm very sorry, but, I can not forgive you. You must be punished properly! * she stands up, grabs her board and hits Keiko on the buttocks *

Keiko: HMMMMMMMMMMM !!! PLSSSS !!!! NNNNNNNNNNNN !!! * she closes her eyes tightly and wiggles her body, feeling a terrible pain in her ass *

* Cocoa screams to see how her sister is punished without mercy, feeling very afraid, since it would soon be her turn. Ursula sets her eyes on Cocoa and sketches a smile for her *

Ursula: No, Cocoa, I'm not going to hit you with this ... I've prepared something special for you. This punishment is special for your sister! * After finishing saying that to Cocoa, she again hits Keiko again in the ass *

Keiko: HMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!! * she screams a lot, feeling that her ass will burst *

Ursula: Do you want me to stop, Keiko? she asked Keiko, crouching down beside her *

Keiko: YSSS! YSSS! PLSSS! PLSSS! * she looks with terror at Ursula and pleads that it looks like punishment *

Ursula: I'm really sorry, but, we're not done yet!

*This story will continue...*

Commission for :iconkairoshi:

Ursula -> :iconryuseihikari: 
Kong girls! (Commission)
And we're going back to Kongs Island! Where we are going to catch some specimens.

Oh! But we have here, Candy Kong, Calypso and Tiny Kong! Not bad owo

I think no one is going to miss these three girls * w *

I hope you like it!

Thank you very much!
Kirlia Girl #3
And here is a little more.

Here we see a few facial expressions of our character!

I hope you like it ^^
Hello everybody!

Well, it was time to update my journal, although I must say that I do not have many ads.

Just remind them that commissions are still open and prices will remain low! Please do not hesitate to check my price list and options, also remember to read the rules.

Now, there are unwritten rules and others that do, but some seem to ignore or decide to ignore, for example, that I do not make requests, nor art trade.

Why do not I make requests? Because drawing is my job and the way I earn the living for my family, therefore, all I do are commissions, cash payment.

Why do not I do art trade? That is simple, I am very irresponsible and very lazy, and I would not want to look bad with any of you.

Another important point that I want to mention and point out is the fact about the censored drawings. In DA there are strict rules about the content of some drawings, which is very strange considering that there are levels of censorship imposed by the same platform, anyway, my intention is not to get in trouble, therefore, in my gallery some Drawings are censored and in many cases, uncensored versions are delivered to the clients who requested the drawing, if my clients do not want to show their drawings, please do not insist!

Do not ask me to show you the drawings without censorship, because a drawing made is a drawing given, therefore, I do not keep a single copy of my works, because every drawing I do, is removed from my memory and never More I see it again, except the copies that are stored in my gallery.

One more thing, I want respect!

Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to say tonight. Please do not think that I am annoying or uncomfortable, I just wanted to chat with you.

Now, the most important issue, commissions!

Please, I do not want to be forgotten! My prices are low and the drawing quality is good. If they have work for me, please do not hesitate to call!

Thank you!


FURRY BONDAGE (specialty)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 9.00 -. ($ 3.00 -. Per Extra character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing) (this price includes both styles of drawing, furry and non-furry)

examples ---->  Flora (commission) by Reimon-Master-II

BONDAGE VARIED (here include characters that are not furry, characters such as: Lilo, Gwen Tennyson and Penny Proud)

Digital drawing (color With photoshop) ----------> $ 10.00 -. ($ 5.00 -. For additional character in the drawing, but I can only accept three characters in one drawing)

examples ----> 

Mature Content

Adil revenge by Reimon-Master-II


Sketches itself (defined) ----> $ 5.00.- ($ 2.00.- extra for each character in the drawing, maximum three characters in each drawing)

examples ----> 

Mature Content

Adil revenge (Sketch) by Reimon-Master-II


MINI-COMICS! (The price for the comic pages remain the same)

$ 5.00.- per box


three boxes $ 15.00.- ------------>  Gwen and Penny by Reimon-Master-II

four boxes $ 20.00.- ---------->  The Misadventures of Lisa Simpsons by Reimon-Master-II  

Mature Content

Lisa gagged by Reimon-Master-II



1 - only drawings of girls. (girls can be, furry girls, anime girls or girls of any cartoon).

2 - only original drawings of your own creation, if in case you borrow the character of another person, I want the person, owner and creator of this character, contacting me and tell me personally that he or she agrees that I draw your character in a bondage scene. (truth and trust is a very important factor in this business, and I do not want problems)

3 - all the drawings (commissions) will be published in my gallery, without exception. All I can do is keep anonymous customer name. (in special cases, I can do private commissions).

4 - no explicit content, in a nutshell: no penetrations and explicit scenes. But as I do not want you to think I'm boring myself think when ignore this rule XD

5 - only accept money for my drawings, and I do not do requests, only commissions.

6 - I will not accept orders from any member that does not have at least six months in DA.

7 - persons seeking commissions should be aware of my posts, if these people do not respond within 24 hours, your orders will be canceled. (this rule only apply to new customers)

9- think this is all for now. Later I'll think of more rules.


El Salvador


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